Buying Guide

Welcome to the Silver Stag buying guide. We know it may be hard to choose a knife for someone if you're unfamiliar with knives, so we've compiled this quick list of knife styles and some example knives with details about their uses to help you choose the best knife for that special someone that you're shopping for.  

Camp & Utility Knives

Sidekick Pro Sidekick Pro The Sidekick Pro is a great camping and hunting knife. The tactial style and clip-point design is reminiscent of something you'd see in the Special Forces.  The finger grooves and front and rear tang of the handle give excellent grip and control. The generous 6" blade provides ample surface for campsite chopping, carving and slicing tasks. 
Deep Valley Deep Valley The 6" Deep Valley is a great camp knife, with a heavy blade and classic profile. It can also be used to process big game, and features a 'blood groove' that helps keep the knife from sticking due to suction, allowing easier deep cuts.
Pacific Bowie Pacific Bowie The Pacific Bowie is our take on the traditonal bowie design, adapted for Northwest life. Its stout and rugged 8.25" blade will handle the toughest camp and utility tasks, while maintaining an edge. A great knife for heavy-duty tasks, and backwoods protection.
8" Bowie 8" Bowie The 8" Bowie is a true traditonal bowie.  Razor sharp, the tip of the clip-point blade is delicate enough for detail work, and the 8" length is plenty big enough for processing large game or handling camp chores. Definitely a good choice for personal protection, as well. 
Field Pro Field Pro​​ The Field Pro is a burly knife for its slighty diminutive 4.5" blade. Excellent for processing game, with a wide blade that has a long gentle curve suitable for skinning. It has a thick blade, making it a sturdy contender for your heavy-duty camp chores as well. 


Multipurpose Hunting & Fishing Knives

Fish & Gamer Fish & Gamer If you had to have just one knife for all your hunting and fishing activities, the 4.25" Fish & Gamer should be it! You can skin, bone, cape, fillet, and gut with this design. You can even gut and fillet trout!  The gentle curve and swell of the handle fits nicely into the palm, and the finger notch on the blade offers excellent precision and control. 
Back Strapper Backstrapper The 4.25" Backstrapper is a great all purpose game knife. Suitable for game processing, fish processing and more. The slender blade makes it excellent for boning, small fillets, skinning, gutting, and more. 
Woods & Water Woods & Water The Woods and Water in the Deer Meat for Dinner line is a versatile game processing knife.  The 5.5" long slender blade is perfect for fillets, gutting fish, sectioning large game, boning, and much more. One of our most popular knives!


Skinning & Game Processing Knives


Small Gamer Small Gamer The 3" Small Gamer is designed for your small game processing tasks, like gutting, caping, cutting joints, or any other tasks where a small, sturdy knife is needed. The crown handle offers excellent grip and control, even when wet. 
Deer Skinner Deer Skinner Designed with processing deer in mind, you will find that the Deer Skinner will  live up to its name. Perfect for most every task necessary to process your deer, whether it's your first or your hundredth!  Light weight and agile, this 4.5" blade won't disappoint. 
Elk Skinner Elk Skinner The Elk Skinner has a wider, thicker 3.25" blade, to accommodate the more rugged task of processing a large elk. The full-tang slab handle fits nicely into the palm for comfort and control. From skinning to boning, this knife can do it. 
Big Gamer Big Gamer If you need a great gutter/skinner/game processor knife, the Big Gamer is the one for you.  A thick rugged blade means it's plenty sturdy to stand up to your toughest tasks.  The sloping blade makes it a good skinner, and the 4" blade makes it a good all-purpose hunting companion. 
Cascade Hunter Cascade Hunter The Cascade Hunter is a razor sharp blade, excellent for skinning and game processing. The 4" blade is agile and pivots nicely around the finger notch, while the crown handle offers grip and control, even when wet. 
Gutter Gutter The 4.5" Gutter is a versatile game-processing knife that can handle deer and elk with ease. The gut hook is gauged to the right depth, and the broad blade makes skinning smooth and easy.  Well balanced for control, this will be a pleasure to use, and make short work of whatever game you've harvested.

Fishing Knives

7" Fillet The Tool Steel 7" fillet has a fine pointed blade for delicate work, and a solid spine for strength and durability. Rugged enough to withstand tough tasks, yet flexible enough to fillet your catch perfectly. This knife will make a perfect companion for the fisher in your life (or for yourself!)
Alaskan Fillet The Alaskan Fillet is designed to process anything from a delicate trout, a hefty salmon or the largest sport fish. The thin and flexible blade allows the user to make those precision cuts required to fillet delicate fish. Its generous 8" lenght will allow you to process even the largest sport fish, while the relatively narrow blade still offers control and precision for smaller catches.  


Folding Knives

Large Backlock The generous 4" D2 steel blade locks firmly in place to the stout 4.5" handle. A quick press of the release, and it folds easily and snaps firmly closed. A versatile large folder for home, shop, truck or boat.
Lion Liner Lock The Lion is our largest liner-lock knife, sporting a 3" blade. This robust and versatile pocket folder is a pefect everyday-carry knife, able to take on a wide range of tasks, large and small. Optional pouch sheath available, vertical or horizontal wear. 
Cub Liner Lock This is the ideal gentlemen's pocket folder. The 2.5" D2 steel blade is large enough for most tasks, yet compact enough that it won't weigh down your pocket. Available with antler handles, or your choice of 3 select stabilized hardwoods, this knife makes the perfect companion.
More Folders More Folders to Come!
More Folders More Folders to Come! 
More Folders More Folders to Come!