Product Enhancement Series

PRODUCT ENHANCEMENT SERIES New - We have taken several top selling models and enhanced the designs with labor intensive details commonly featured on very high end custom knives. We have added File Work, Jeweling, Enhanced Laser Engraving, Wood Inlays, and Mosaic Pins to existing and new designs. It would be just about impossible to find a better custom American made knife with these features at our reasonable price points. The following designs are very impressive and have a very high perceived value. Every knife includes a high quality hand laced sheath and antler V display stand.

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Enhanced Backwoods Pro - PEBWP3.0
PEBWP3.0 - An excellent game processing knife / Top Seller.  Comes with either ..
Enhanced Elk Skinner - PEES4000
(PEES4000) - An excellent game processing knife / Top Seller    Sheath -  Cho..
Enhanced Smith Slab - PESS4.0
D2 Tool Steel Blade Black Walnut Handle Rose Stem Pattern File Work Mosaic Pins ..
Enhanced Deep Belly Gut - PEGUT3.0
D2 Tool Steel Blade Antler Handle File Work Mosaic Pins ..