SCRIMSHAW SERIES - Scrimshaw is a process of carving directly into the smooth bone finish of the antler. A wash is then applied to reveal the artist's work. The majority of SILVER STAG's scrimshaw is subcontracted to Michelle Severe, a nationally recognized Scrimshaw Artist that specializes in North American wildlife. The finished product is stunning and each piece is signed by the artist. Please call the factory direct for current scrimshaw availability, and/or to place a custom order. Any knife can have scrimshaw designs applied to the handle. Please allow two or three weeks delivery on Scrimshaw orders, (samples as shown).    

Please call the factory for inventory and details. Please allow two or three weeks for delivery on all Scrimshaw orders. 

We work with another wonderfully talented artist, Irene Bowers, (Bowers Wildlife Studio).  Irene is a scribe artist. She scribes freehand on the smooth bone surface of the antler, then she applies an automotive clear coat to the handle to protect the work for life. Please click on the following link to review Irene’s work. If you would like to order a SILVER STAG Knife and have Irene Bowers artwork applied to the handle,  please contact Bowers Wildlife Studio.

All fixed blade knives include a high quality hand-made leather sheath and Limited Life Time Warranty.         

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Mountain Edge Scrimshaw - ME5.25SM
 This beautiful knife comes with our handmade, upgraded, laced snap sheath! ..
$291.00 USD
Deep Valley Scrimshaw - DV6.0SM
$299.00 USD
Based on 2 reviews.
Pacific Bowie Scrimshaw - PB8.0SM
$320.00 USD
Based on 4 reviews.