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Our Wood Handled knives are made with the same D2 tool steel as many of the other styles you'll find on our site. At the moment we use three types of wood, Black Walnut, Burled Maple, and Cocobolo. The wood by itself tends to be softer and can dent/scratch easily. To make our knives hold up to the extreme use our customers have come to expect from a Silver Stag Knife, we send our wood to be stabilized. This process brings out the beauty of the wood, feels great in the hand, and makes our handles tough enough to be used in the field. With stabilized wood you don't have to worry about it shrinking/expanding, cracking, soaking up blood or other liquids when using our knives. 

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Paring Knife - CWP3.0
Used for intricate and detailed cutting.  Excellent for peeling small foods.  This is a cl..
$119.00 USD
Corky Cutter - WCC2.75
An excellent caper / Top Seller.  Full tang slab handle, comes in 3 choices of wood handle..
$123.00 USD
Based on 1 reviews.
Backwoods Pro - WBWP3.0
Wood Handle.  An excellent game processing knife / Top Seller.  Comes with either a handma..
$152.00 USD
FT Pro - CFP5.5
This versatile kitchen knife will slice, dice, fillet, and more!   ..
$152.00 USD
Based on 1 reviews.
Bullnose Slab - WBNS3.5
Wood Handle. Good, beefy, all-purpose camping, skinning and boning knife. Wood handle comes ..
$155.00 USD
Based on 1 reviews.
FT Carver - CFC6.5
$229.00 USD
Kitchen Set - CKS.3X
This set incudes our Paring knife, our full tang Fillet, and our full tang Carver, for a complete ba..
$449.00 USD