Steel Overview

At Silver Stag, we use only the finest steel to build our knives. We have found that high carbon tool steel has the properties we desire to make an excellent knife that is tough, durable, holds an edge, yet is still flexible and resilient to withstand the tough working conditions that we would expect our customers to use them under.  D2 Tool Steel, 1095 Tool Steel, and 80CrV20 Steel meet these conditions well.  They can be hardened to a respectable 58 to 62 Rockwell hardness for strength and durability, while maintaining enough flex to prevent brittleness. 

Although very similar to Stainless steel, these tool steels don't contain as much chromium or nickel, so they aren't as resitant to rust and staining as stainless, but even stainless will not fair well if not adequately maintained.  Making sure the blade is dry, and wiped with a rust preventative oil before putting it away will assure that your high-carbon tool steel knife will remain in excellent condition for a lifetime. For more on blade maintenance, visit our Care and Cleaning page.