Wide Open Spaces: 4 of the Best Hunting Knives for This Deer Season

Made from D2 steel, this knife is perfect for skinning and boning out your deer this season. The team at Silver Stag is serious about making knives that look just as amazing as they function. Trust me when I say that these things are razor sharp.

Combined with one of Silver Stag’s fantastic leather sheaths, this knife will be good to clean all the deer you want this season. Super sharp and outstanding quality.

2016 Silver Stag Catalog
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by Pat Covert There are great things to be said for state-of-the-art exotic steels and synthetic handles—but for some knife users only the classic, down-to-earth feel of stag and a time proven basic steel will do, thank you! Long before there was a formal Bushcraft movement (see our article on the genre elsewhere in this issue) there were knives like the Silver Stag Sharp Forest Elk Stick featured here. Silver Stag Knives of Blaine, Washington, specializes in such cockle-warming earthiness. As the name implies, antler stag handle knives are their focus and they do them in a staggering nu..
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by Lars Dalseide, Las Vegas, Nevada - Fourteen years ago, on the shores of Semiahmoo Bay, Brad Smith was tired of daily grind. Employed by a major sunglass manufacturer, the days had grown long and the work unrewarding. He needed a change. Reaching back into family history, to the skills and lessons passed on years ago by his grandfather, he left the workplace to pursue what was then a hobby — knife-making. A decision that spurred the creation of Silver Stag Knives. "I was tired of working for somebody else and started making knives out of my garage," said Smith. "They were pret..