THANK YOU for your interest in SILVER STAG Cutlery, and good old American manufacturing!



Fall 22 / Winter 23 Limited Edition Special

Building Damascus Steel (Woot Steel), is a forge welding and lamination process.  You actually have to forge weld (or in simpler terms, melt and mix), two types of High Carbon Tool Steel into a billet (or block), then you cut the profile of the blade from the billet (or block).  Then grind the edge and finish like any other custom or semi-custom blade or knife profile.  The process hasn't changed much over the last two thousand years, it's just easier using modern day tools.

The Limited Edition Damascus "Swish" special has been manufactured with 1095 and 15N20 High Carbon Tool Steels (Random Pattern / 160 Layers).  It has a slight trailing tip 2.5" cutting edge, and hidden tang construction.  We incorporated an Elk Antler Tine into the finished knife.  It also includes a quality leather pouch sheath that can be worn on your belt or backpack vertically or horizontally.

This is an excellent Deer and Game processing knife.  It's also a great little utility knife to carry with you on all of your outdoor excursions, and it will get noticed (or stolen) by your friends or family.

Another great gift for your consideration!

Blade L = 2.5" / Overall L = approx. 7" to 7.5"