Deer Meat For Dinner

The Team at SILVER STAG is pleased to be able to build an exclusive line of knives for Robert and Sarah Arrington, professional hunting guides and the hosts of the smash hit YouTube show "DEER MEAT FOR DINNER".

Brad met Robert and Sarah at a trade show in 2012, and recognized them from their TV show “Respect Outdoors”. Brad gave Robert and Sarah a couple of knives to try out in the field and they absolutely loved the functionality and durability of SILVER STAG knives.  A great friendship pursued and last fall, Robert and Sarah visited the SILVER STAG factory. The team at SILVER STAG worked with Robert and Sarah to design a few new exclusive designs that will work perfect for their guided hunting and fishing excursions in Florida..   Brad Smith said, “We are pleased to be able to work with experts in the field, and all around good people that share our love for God, country, and the great outdoors. A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of each of the following knives will be donated to wildlife conservation”. 

Please watch the video for a preview of "Deer Meat for Dinner" and watch a SILVER STAG knife in action. You will  learn a lot about how to professionally process wild game and fish using SILVER STAG knives. The show is entertaining and educational.
Take a walk thru the Silver Stag Knife factory with Deer Meat for Dinner! Sarah learns from shop foreman, Chris Shires, as she personally builds her dad his new Hunting knife. Merry Christmas Keith!! Each Knife is hand ground, polished, put together and sharpened on location!
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