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Custom Laser Engraving

Personalized Laser Engraving - Would you like to personalize your knife? Personalizing your new SILVER STAG Knife makes a profound statement and turns a quality gift into a lifetime treasure. For a $12 fee, we offer custom laser engraving on the handle, sheath, and most of the blades.

We do our best to accommodate requests, but our capabilities are somewhat limited. For example, a smaller knife has limited space on the handle, sheath, and blade, so please keep the text under 6 to 10 words, (Engraving on the handle looks and works the best). For example, consider a name, initials, date, and/or a few words. If we laser engrave too much text to a small space, we are forced to reduce the text size, making it difficult to read and it also visually clutters the space.

If you select a larger SILVER STAG model, it can accommodate up to 20 words and larger text, for example a Birthday wish, Anniversary note, or retirement commemorative statement, (Please review Sample photos).

When we laser engrave the blades, we can only laser on the blade flats above the grind and space is very limited on many models, (Please note, we cannot laser on our Damascus blades because of the folds and the mixture of light and dark contrasts).


How to Include Laser Engraving – During the order process, you will find a box that will allow you to select the Laser Engraving option ($12 fee), and a space to include your laser engraving instructions. Please note, we are experts at laser engraving, so if you do not leave specific engraving instructions, we will laser engrave what you want in the appropriate size and place that will look fantastic. Please double check your spelling and punctuation because we engrave exactly what you provide, (Including caps and quotation marks).

Please email us if you have any questions or feel free to call us to place your order, (If you call in your order, we still request that you email us your engraving instructions so we can avoid mistakes).



Engraving Images - We can also laser engrave many images and logos, provided they are copyright-free, or owned by you (or a business you are associated with). To avoid an additional image or logo set up fee, please forward the image or logo in camera ready black and white line art, that usually has sharp, clean lines, requires no retouching, and is complete with text and/or graphics, (email in a PDF or Jpeg file format).

We can work with other images, such as color logos, grayscale photos, and segments of images most of the time, but these images take time to adjust so that the image is engravable. Please note, if we are required to spend a lot of time preparing an image for engraving, we charge an additional set up fee, (usually $20 to $30). If you are not sure an image can be engraved, please email the image for us to review and we will let you know if we can accommodate your needs. Please note, we have a small library of basic clip art that we can use that includes images of many animals, fish, paws, tracks, flags, crosses, military logos, and emoji’s.


Corporate & Business Logos - We have worked with many Corporations, Businesses, and Non-Profit Organizations to design and build larger quantity co-branded products used as fund raising items, incentive awards, or as customer or employee gift items. We work closely with our business customers to select a model that will accommodate their needs and often enhance the selected item(s) to make it an exclusive limited edition co-branded knife that accomplishes their goals and enhances their image. We have been honored to work with many great industry, corporate, and non-profit organizations, for example the NRA, RMEF, KING Ranch, RUGER Firearms, Shiloh Sharps, Whitetails Unlimited, and many more.

Quantity Discounts - Please contact our factory direct if you have questions on our personalized laser engraving corporate incentive program, and to see if you quality for a quantity discount or no charge laser engraving. Thank you. We are open Pacific Business Hours, or you can leave a message and we will return your call at our earliest convenience. #888-233-7824