THANK YOU for your interest in SILVER STAG Cutlery, and good old American manufacturing!

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The following customer testimonials were emailed to us. They have not been edited. We update our customer testimonials periodically and we sincerely appreciate our customers feedback.

After skinning, gutting, and quartering 14 deer this weekend, this Silver Stag knife still held it’s edge! I never had to sharpen it once! – Chase N.

Currently I own three of your Bowie models and I can say that the craftsmanship of your knives is phenomenal, the sheaths also complement this quality! There is a reason why I can always trust "Made in the U.S.A" and SILVER STAG is one of them. I plan to put these knives to some good, hard work this winter! Thank you kindly. – Rex

I just wanted to say that the Silver Stag Pacific Bowie is the best knife that I have ever ordered, and I have never been so satisfied with a knife like this. It truly is one of a kind and I am extremely happy with it and will be taking it with me overseas while I serve in the Army. – Max

Got my great looking knife today, the D2 Mountain Edge, what a beauty, totally impressed with the quality and detailed craftsmanship. Looking forward to my next one of many. This knife will serve its master well. Great job Brad. - Archie

I wanted to tell that I love this knife. The quality of the material and the craftsmanship is tremendous, and far superior to most anything to be found. And the fact that you place a high value on using American materials and labor seals the deal cuz that's important to me too. Y'all kick ass, I'm spreading the word and I hope that translates into some sales, later. Thanks, Adam Fitch

I have several Silver Stag knives. They are by far the best knife I have found at any price. These guys do a fantastic job creating a knife that every sportsman should have in his collection. They stay sharp after continuous use and have a great cutting ability. Thanks for a GREAT product made right here in the United States. – David Shook

Wow,Wow,Wow have the second one, can't describe how good looking they are! You have a product you should be extremely proud of, as i am now proud to own one!!! Not one person I've shown these to wasn't impressed! I can't thank you enough for the custom aspect, the speed of production, the cost and fact that i had a say in what they looked like!!! Because of you and your product my friend is going to be shocked Christmas morning as one was made for him (SHOCKED doesn't happen much for us old guys).... Thanks again - Dominic Seep (aka customer for life!)

Thanks. I have eight of your knives now. I discovered them after noticing Robert Duval using an antler handled folding knife in the movie Open Range, and finding your website. I appreciate the rugged quality and American made craftsmanship. They are heirloom pieces that will be used for generations. I will call next week to order no. 9. - Mike McAnelly, Dallas, TX

I just received the Pacific Bowie I ordered from NRA Store. I had never heard of "Silver Stag" before now, but I must tell you that it has been a long time that I have seen or owned such a high quality, hand crafted piece of art work / tool.
You have restored my faith in "made in the USA" hand crafted quality and your product shines with it. I have since ordered another and will probably order more as presents this year. Thank you again. - Keith O.

I just received my 9" filet knife with elk antler handle. This is the 2nd knife I've purchased from you, and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with both products - especially this one. You (your guys) pay excellent attention to detail, and your knives look and feel amazing. Thanks again! - Brad

I just received my two orders, one with a Damascus and Pacific Bowie (1459 ) and one with a Big Bowie ( 1461 ) after having ordered it just a few days ago ! I love them, easily worth every penny, and the free fire starters were a welcome surprise. You have just made a customer for life. – John Dagres

Hi, I just purchased your Short Bowie SSB8.0 from the tool series, i must say that I am very impressed with the standard and quality of your product, both the knife and the sheaf exceeded my expectations, i am 100% happy and satisfied and looking forward to purchasing more of your fantastic knives. - Greg Coleiro, Wallan Victoria, Australia

From: Claxton Flynt

I have used Deep Valley (Item#DV3010) Blade Size:L= 5 7/8' > for over 7 yrs to the point that the Sheath has worn out. It is one of the best Knifes I have every owned. Myself and my son Spend about 8 months fishing and hunting. We get most of our food from the land and your knife has been my best friend. I would never use another knife and never will. I have been sick for the past year and haven't been able to join my son on his hunts. I turned my knife over to him a year ago this month after a life changing accident. He has come to love your Sliver Stag in the way that I have. I would like to get a new Sheath for this knife and also get this same model if I can, just let me know how much. I though that you should know a good made knife means more to a man then a beautiful wife.
I have attached some photos of my son and his hunting side-kick and the Silver Stag.
Thank You

I received the knife this week. I want to thank you and the Silver Stag artisans. It's a beautiful job and I'll take excellent care of it.

Jim Roze

I have several of your knives and wanted to thank you for the great quality and craftsmanship. Keep up the great work, I will be proud to pass these blades on to my son.


From: Russell Batistoni

Hello, Russ Batistoni here! Just wanted to let you know that I received the Pacific Bowie and it is amazing! I will be purchasing another knife from you shortly. I just have to decide which one I want. I may get the deer drop crown series. If I do get that one from you how much would that come out to with shipping to 08827? Thanks again, you guys are great!

Dear Mr. Brad Smith:
I just received the Silver Stag Knife with the rough crown handle and Damascus blade. I want to thank you for your fast work and selection of the antler handle in rough condition with just the minimal touch of refinement. It is absolutely a work of art. The Damascus blade and Rough antler handle are amazing! They draw very close resemblance to the Antler/Obsidian knives Native Americans have traditionally used. Your work is to be commended. I have already begun showing hunters and others who would appreciate your work out here on the East coast. Thank you again for all your help and attention to detail. 
Joseph Foistner

Dear Sir,
I just received my SilverStag Damascus knife and would like to let you know how pleased I am with the knife. I have been looking for a specific knife and yours for the price is by far the best that I have seen. Again, thank you. 
Paul Wesley

Over the years I've tried a number of other name brand knives. We kill lots of wild hogs which is very hard on a blade. I've never been able to complete one hog without sharpening a blade until I tried your knife. Usually I can skin six or more without the blade going dull. This is just unreal.
My son Charles, which is a US Marine since 1999, an avid hunter handles many knives. I gave him a Silver Stag and after skinning 13 hogs without sharpening the blade looked at me and said " not only are these the best looking knives I've ever seen, the cutting ability without going dull is out of this world; What are these made out of". Not only they hold their edge, they are some of the easiest knives to sharpen.
Thanks for such a good looking knives of unbelievable quality.
Keith LaJack

Good morning!

I am e-mailing to let you know, as agreed, that I received my bowie knife yesterday. I am more than pleased. It is beautiful and a fine piece to add to our collection. Yes, it is going to be a collector's knife and never see hunting. But what a great gift! This was the easiest Christmas present I have bought this year....

Thanks so much for the great customer service and the wonderful finished product.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Michelle Naranjo
Los Alamos New Mexico

It may be old but it is the BEST KNIFE and most favorite knife I have ever owned!!!! It has been around the world with me. In a few more years I will buy another for my young son. Superb product Brad!

Brian J. Manuele