THANK YOU for your interest in SILVER STAG Cutlery, and good old American manufacturing!

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Manufacturing Process


SILVER STAG Knives are manufactured by a small team of skilled Blacksmiths and Sportsmen. What differentiates SILVER STAG cutlery is the companies “Hands On” approach to manufacturing. SILVER STAG Knives are not mass produced production knives. Rather each and every knife is hollow ground, assembled, shaped, polished, and sharpened “Free-hand”. While no two finished knives will ever look exactly alike, all SILVER STAG Knives share certain features that make them extraordinary field tools. To start, the blades are designed by sportsmen and are exceptionally practical. The blades are manufactured exclusively from domestically produced High Carbon steel. Authentic North American antler is built into every design. The finished knives are stunningly attractive, incredibly functional, and extremely durable. In summary, the team at SILVER STAG has taken a step back in time when high quality tools were handmade in America by American hands.

Production Process

We design, engineer, and build our own products. Every SILVER STAG team member manages one of several production work stations and contributes to each knife built. To gain production efficiencies, and to keep our products reasonably priced, we build large same style production runs and avoid one-of -one custom designs. It has taken us many years to fine-tune our proprietary and efficient manufacturing process. Every year we pride ourselves on producing a broader selection and higher quality product. We are experts at transforming raw sheets of high carbon tool steel into extraordinary razor-sharp tools. The following is a summary of our manufacturing process.

1. We use CAD software to design our blades, hilts, springs, and components.

2. We build prototypes to review functionality, durability, comfort, and aesthetics.

3. After we finalize a blade, part, or component, we transfer the file to our CNC Fiber laser cutting machine.

4. We cut our exclusive blade designs and parts from raw sheets of plate tool steel, (.106, .142, or .177 thickness).

5. The profiled blade or part is surface ground with our Time Saver to remove the surface mill scale from the profiled blade or part.

6. The blades are hollow or flat ground “free-hand” using Bader Grinder Machines.

7. The blades are polished and finished using belts and rubber wheels.

8. The blades are precision heat treated to a 58 to 62 Rockwell Hardness, depending on the blade design and function.

9. Select antler and hardwoods are cut, shaped and incorporated into each design by hand. Pins and epoxy, along with our proprietary hands-on assembly process, guarantee strength and durability.

10. Each knife is shaped, sanded, and polished using belt sanders, buffing wheels, and hand tools. The finishing process ensures comfort and balance, while providing each knife with its own individual character and beauty.

11. The knives are sharpened by hand, then cleaned, oiled, and inspected.

12. The finished knife is fitted to a high quality handmade leather sheath.


SILVER STAG will manufacture a knife using your prized antler, then laser engrave a name and/or date on the finished product. If you have an antler rack that has some sentimental value, and it’s collecting dust in your shed, send it to us. You won’t be disappointed! It will be the best $100 to $150 you ever spent.


If you own your own company, or are a decision make for a larger company, please consider sending us your logo. We enjoy partnering with organizations to design Private label or Co-Branded programs. We work closely with our customers to design a knife (or program), that they can be proud of. We have two laser engraving machines in our shop that can apply just about any design or mark to the handle, blade, or sheath. The finished products are unique, personal, and have a high perceived value. This is a great way for companies to promote their brand, raise money for a cause, or give to customers or employees as an incentive item. Many non-profit organizations use SILVER STAG at their banquets to raise money for wildlife conservation. We have been honored to have had the opportunity to work with the following professional organizations. We have also been honored and humbled to receive the following projects: NRA Knife of the Year, National Wild Turkey Federation Knife of the Year, King Ranch Knife of the Year, Mule Deer Federation Knife of the Year, Pheasants Forever 30th Anniversary Knife, Quality Deer Management Knife of the Year, Whitetails Unlimited Knife of the Year, Cabela’s 50th Anniversary Commemorative Knife, Ducks Unlimited Knife of the Year, NRA Limited Edition Damascus Knife, and more.

We were honored and humbled to be able to manufacture 24 knives using steel from the fallen World Trade Center. We donated them to a very special Navy Seal Team to thank these great warriors for risking their lives to protect our freedom.


Smith & Partners, LLC, is committed to both product quality and customer service. We are proud to stand behind our products by offering a limited lifetime warranty on all of our fixed blade knives, and a one year warranty on our Pocket Series. In addition, the company offers a free sharpening and refurbishing service. Details on this unique program can be found on our web site or Warranty Card. Please call us if you have any questions on our products or programs. We aim to please! We sincerely appreciate your 20 years of support!