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Welcome to the Silver Stag buying guide. We know it may be hard to choose a knife for someone if you're unfamiliar with knives, so we've compiled this quick list of knife styles and some example knives with details about their uses to help you choose the best knife for that special someone that you're shopping for.

Multipurpose Hunting & Fishing Knives

Fish & Gamer - If you had to have just one knife for all your hunting and fishing activities, the full tang 4.25" Fish & Gamer would be a great choice. You can skin, bone, cape, fillet, and gut with this design. You can even gut and fillet trout! The gentle curve and swell of the handle fits nicely into the palm, and the finger notch on the blade offers excellent precision and control.

Back Strapper - The 4.25" Backstrapper is an excellent skinning, gutting, and boning blade design. The blade is also thin and sharp enough to filet and scale trout and bass. Includes a quality leather pouch sheath.

Deer Skinner - The Deer skinner is more than a great Deer processing design. It is also excellent for processing turkey, waterfowl, and fish.

The Short Alaskan Fillet – It’s more than a great fillet blade. You can skin, gut and bone with this bade too. It’s the owners favorite all purpose game and fish processing design.

All knives include a high quality leather sheath.


Small Gamer (D2) - The 3" Small Gamer is designed for your small game processing tasks, like gutting, caping, cutting joints, or any other tasks where a small, sturdy knife is needed. The crown handle offers excellent grip and control, even when wet.

Elk Skinner (D2) - A very classic and traditional full tang Deer & Elk skinning and game processing design. It is razor sharp and comfortable to hold and use for long periods of detailed work. Excellent for skinning and detailed caping work, this design is a top pick among Hunting Guides.

Big Gamer (D2) - One of our top selling models for 23 years and counting. If you need a great gutter/skinner/game processor knife, the Big Gamer is a great selection. This knife is tough and gets the job done. Also, very impressive balance, control, and athletics. Includes your choice of a high-quality leather pouch sheath that can be worn vertically or horizontally, or an upgraded hand laced snap sheath, (Vertical wear only).

Cascade Hunter (D2) - The Cascade Hunter is a razor-sharp and one of our top selling deer deigns. The 4” drop Point blade is an excellent skinning design and has received exceptional reviews for over two decades. The knife is light weight, provides excellent control and comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time. This blade design holds an edge too and many customer testify that they have processed 3 or 4 deer’s without having to touch up the blade.

Gutter (1095 Spring Steel) - The 4.5" Gutter is a versatile game-processing knife that can handle deer and elk with ease. The gut hook is gauged to the right depth, and the broad blade makes skinning smooth and easy. Well balanced for control and a pleasure to use. Please note, 1095 blade steel requires maintenance with consistent anti corrosion oil wipe down to control rust).

Field Pro (D2) - This design was introduced 2 years ago, and it’s been trending as one of our new top selling models. The Field Pro is a heavy-duty large game processer. A great skinning blade design and tough enough to break through an Elk’s hind quarters by striking the thick blade spine. Also a versatile design and a suburb tool to take on all of your camping and hiking excursions.

Fishing Knives

Alaskan Fillet (D2) - The Alaskan Fillet is our top selling SILVER STAG knife and is one of the best fillets on the market. It is a lifetime knife that has received rave reviews from commercial fisherman and professional fishing guides. The 8” D2 blade is razor sharp, easy to control, and has the perfect amount of flex to effortlessly glide the blade along the spine of a large sport fish to get that perfect fillet with minimal meat left behind. The blade is stout enough to go through the thick neck spine to decapitate large sport fish too, (Fish head soup anyone?). The blade also has the perfect design to separate the skin from the meat. One of our best designs ever!

Short Alaskan Fillet (D2) – All the same attributes you will find with the Alaskan fillet, but a better choice for to process small to medium size fish, (the 8” to 20” length range).

7" Fillet (1095 Spring Steel) - If you like a very sharp pointy tip and a blade with a little more flex, this would be a great choice. It’s a perfect fillet design for small to medium size fish. The steel is easy to touch up too, but the blade requires more maintenance to control corrosion. If the blade is rinsed, dried, and oil the blade after every use, this fillet is an excellent choice.

KING Fish Fillet (D2) – An excellent Deep 6.75” full tang fillet available with antler or select hardwood scales. If you like your fillet blade a little more on the stiff side, this is the perfect fillet blade. When the knife is not in your boat, It is also a great boning, carving, and great all-purpose chef knife.

Folding Knives

Large Backlock - The generous 4" D2 steel blade locks firmly in place to the stout 4.5" handle. A quick press of the release, and it folds easily and snaps firmly closed. A versatile large folder for home, shop, truck or boat.

Lion Liner Lock - The Lion is our largest liner-lock knife, sporting a 3" blade. This robust and versatile pocket folder is a pefect everyday-carry knife, able to take on a wide range of tasks, large and small. Optional pouch sheath available, vertical or horizontal wear.

Cub Liner Lock - This is the ideal gentlemen's pocket folder. The 2.5" D2 steel blade is large enough for most tasks, yet compact enough that it won't weigh down your pocket. Available with antler handles, or your choice of 3 select stabilized hardwoods, this knife makes the perfect companion.


Sidekick Pro - An excellent Ranch, Camp and/or Survival Knife that features a sleek 6” clip-point D2 steel blade that has anti-slip ridges on the top of the spine. The design also includes finger grooves and an exposed steel butt with lanyard hole. The knife is finished with hand shaped antler or hard wood scales pinned through the full tang design. The Sidekick Pro offers superb control, balance, and durability. It includes a quality leather pouch sheath that can be worn on your belt or pack vertically or horizontally. This knife is used and endorsed by many Special Forces units and was also selected as the 2021 KING Ranch Knife of the year.

Deep Valley - This heavy duty D2 classic and versatile 6" blade design has been around since WW1 and used for big game processing, self-defense, and is also a great camp knife. The thick clip point blade features a blood groove that reduces suction when cutting meat. The hidden tang design includes a larger elk or deer antler handle that balances out the knife and shaped so its comfortable to hold and use. The Deep Valley includes an upgraded hand laced snap sheath (vertical belt wear).

Pacific Bowie - Over the last 23 years, we have manufactured and shipped over 20 thousand Pacific Bowies. This popular and stout 8.25" razor sharp blade is affixed to a larger Elk or Mule Deer antler handle. This knife gets the looks and makes a statement. Also great for deer camp chores, backwoods protection, and Arnold Schwarzenegger used it to carve up his Thanksgiving turkey. The Pacific Bowie t includes an upgraded hand-laced snap sheath.

8" Tool Steel Bowie - A very traditional bowie design manufactured with traditional 1095 spring tool steel (circular mill saw blade steel). The blade flat is jeweled, a process that involves pressing a wire brush wheel on the blade create indented swirls that assist the blade retail oil for corrosion protection. 1095 is excellent blade steel, but very susceptible to rust if not maintained oiled on a regular basis. A classic and traditional Bowie design that is famous for taming the wild west. Includes a hand-laced snap sheath.