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1095 Tool Steel

TOOL STEEL SERIES - 1095 High Carbon Tool Steel is also referred to as, “Cutlery Spring Steel”, and is well known for its use in manufacturing commercial saw blades. This extreme high carbon steel hones to a razor sharp edge (better than any stainless steel), retains its edge (better than most stainless steels), and is easier to sharpen, (compared to stainless steel). This steel is often used to manufacture car springs, rail road spikes, and hand tools. SILVER STAG 1095 blades are heat treated to a 58 Rockwell Hardness. Traditional jewelling is applied to the blades. This process involves taking a wire mesh bit and pressing down on the blade with a drill press to create swirls on the blade. The indented swirl pattern on the blade surface assists the blade retain oil for corrosion protection. You can’t go wrong using one of our Tool Steel designs for extreme field work.

All fixed blade knives include a high quality hand-made leather sheath and Limited Life Time Warranty.         

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Mini Rabbit - SSMR2.0
SSMR2.0 Mini Rabbit - 1095 Tool Steel w/Jeweled Blade Sheath - Horizontal/Vertical Pouch Sheath ..
$103.00 USD
Gamer - SSS3.0 & SS3.0ES
SMALL GAMER (SSS3.0) Great patch knife or small game knife. Available with Crown or Elk Stick handle..
$104.00 USD
Small Gut - SSG3.0 & SSG3.0ES
(SSG3.0 & SSG3.0ES) - Great for small game.  Blade L = 3” Overall = Approx 7” ..
$114.00 USD
Skinner Elk Stick - SSS4.5ES
(SSS4.5ES) - An excellent skinning / deer processing design.  Blade L = 4.5” Overall =..
$143.00 USD
Based on 3 reviews.
(SSF7.0 & SSF7.0ES) - Great lake knife. Comes with handmade, leather, pouch sheath. Blad..
$151.00 USD
Based on 2 reviews.
Skinner - SSS4.5
(SSS4.5) - An excellent skinning / deer processing design.  Blade L = 4.5” Overall..
$154.00 USD
Based on 9 reviews.
Gutter - SSG4.5 & SSG4.5ES
GUTTER (SSG4.5 & SSG4.5ES) - An excellent skinning / deer processing design.  ..
$160.00 USD
Based on 3 reviews.
Hunter - SSH6.0 & SSH6.0ES
A sturdy and effective bowie for smaller jobs. ..
$174.00 USD
Based on 1 reviews.
Custom High Carbon Hunting and Fishing Combo Pack - HFCOMBO
This is an awesome 1095 Carbon Steel Hunting and/or Fishing Custom Combo Pack. The Pack Includes ..
$187.00 USD
Based on 4 reviews.
Short Bowie - SSB8.0 & SSB8.0ES
(SSB8.0 & SSB8.0ES) - A great camp knife  Blade L = 8” Overall = Approx. 14” ..
$200.00 USD
Based on 4 reviews.
Big Bowie - SSB10.0
For the show offs. Really big blade! Blade L = 10” Overall = Approx. 16” ..
$220.00 USD
Based on 10 reviews.
Combo Pack - SSC063
This is all you need.  A boning / skinning knife with caping / small gut knife. Two Knives in ..
$282.00 USD
Based on 3 reviews.