THANK YOU for your interest in SILVER STAG Cutlery, and good old American manufacturing!

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Custom Made Hunting Gear from your Antlers and Horns


SILVER STAG will manufacture a knife using your prized antler, then we can laser engrave a name and/or date on the finished product. Every week we build knives using customer supplied antler and our customers are always extremely pleased with their new family Heirloom!

If you are interested in a custom knife, download our Custom Antler/Knife Sizing Guide (opens PDF document). This will show you how to measure your antler, and help you think about which knife sizes and styles may work with it.

Then, measure your antler per the instructions in the Sizing Guide, and browse our website to find knives that you like that might work.

Next, take several photos of your antler next to a ruler or measuring tape. Go through our site and select one of our blade designs that you like and feel would work well matched up with the size and diameter of your antler. Email us the dimensions and your knife preference, and we will review your antler and blade selection. We will either confirm that your selection will work well, or we will suggest other blade options that would be more appropriate matched to your antler. Our goal is to build you a knife that is balanced and appropriate for the size and shape of your cherished antler.

There is also the option to cut a thin scale off your antler and use it to build a Folder or one of our Slab Series designs.

The final option is to laser engrave a personal touch such as a name or a date on the finished knife, if you wish, and fitting it to an upgraded leather sheath.

Please call or email us if you have any questions on this very unique program., or phone 1-888-233-7824.