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Ranch Chef

RANCH CHEF SERIES – The line features our handmade D2 steel blades, with Elk or Deer antler handles. The Series includes a Carver set, Cleaver set, a Steak Knife set and a couple of specialty knives that every Kitchen should have. These are exceptional culinary tools that will impress the most selective professional chef, or weekend barbeque cowboy. They are impressive tools and will compliment any cooking environment.

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NEW! - Silver Stag Cutting Board - SSCB12.75 (Not Eligible for International Shipping)
This oak slab cutting board will be the perfect companion to your Silver Stag Ranch Chef knives!&nbs..
$34.00 USD
Paring Knife - CWP3.0
Used for intricate and detailed cutting.  Excellent for peeling small foods.  This is a cl..
$124.00 USD
NEW! - Pro Prep Mini - PPM3.7
New! A Mini-Cleaver design. Great for dicing & Mincing. Excellent for block cheese. Available in..
$137.00 USD
NEW! - Pro Bone PB4.25+ w/Sheath
NEW! An excellent boning and big game processing design. Available with antler or wood handle. Comes..
$144.00 USD
This versatile fillet will process even your biggest catch. A strong blade with enough flex to do th..
$152.00 USD
FT Pro - CFP5.5
This versatile kitchen knife will slice, dice, fillet, and more!   ..
$157.00 USD
Based on 1 reviews.
Universal Chef Pro - Special - UCP7.75-LE
This Hidden Tang Design is manufactured with a D2 Steel Hand Hollow ground blade and has a select po..
$169.00 USD
Based on 2 reviews.
NEW! - Pro Chef Carver - PCC8.5
NEW!  Generally used for slicing large meats. The long blade is ideal for cutting thin, ev..
$184.00 USD
NEW! - Pro Prep Chef - PPC7.0
NEW! The large heavy blade can be used as a cleaver or all purpose chef knife. Available in Wood or ..
$204.00 USD
NEW! - Universal Chef Pro - UCP7.75
NEW! A Great carver and all purpose culinary design for both hard core and delicate slicing and dici..
$204.00 USD
Based on 2 reviews.
NEW! - The Chef Knife - CK6.0
NEW! The Chef's knife is one of the most used kitchen knives. Great for chopping, slicing, and dicin..
$224.00 USD
Based on 3 reviews.
FT Carver - CFC6.5
$230.00 USD
Carver Set
Includes Wood Presentation Box (Also made in the USA) An impressive all-purpose carving set used ..
$294.00 USD
Based on 1 reviews.
Kitchen Set - CKS.3X
This set incudes our Paring knife, our full tang Fillet, and our full tang Carver, for a complete ba..
$454.00 USD
Ranch Steak Set - RSS.6x
(RSS.6x) NEW - 6 units / Elk Tine Handles / Includes Wood Block Display Blade L =4.5” ..
$754.00 USD